You need an online-store, but you don´t want to waste your time with all the technical details and maintenance?We are your partner!
We will do
everything for you, so that after an introduction you will be able to put in your products and start selling all over the world.
Besides training-videos you will get an introduction how to use your new onlineshop! As we need some time for customizing your onlineshop,  it will be ready in maximum of 6 business days! 

WooCommerce Shop Basic
€ 599
  • ✔ 1 Theme in your colors with your logo

  • ✔ payment in advance

    ✔ Paypal

    ✖ AmazonPay

    ✖ Creditcard

    ✖ Klarna

  • ✔ 1 Shipping method

  • ✖ Small adjustments like CSS and social media icons

  • ✔configuration of max. 2 additional plugins

  • ✖ Marketplace connection to Amazon&Ebay

  • ✔ 1 hour support&introduction

  • ✔ 5% discount on additional work

WooCommerce Shop Medium
€ 999
  • ✔ 1 Theme in your colors with your logo

  • ✔ payment in advance

    ✔ Paypal

    ✔ AmazonPay

    ✖ Creditcard

    ✖ Klarna

  • ✔ 3 Shipping methods

  • ✔ Small adjustments like CSS and social media icons

  • ✔configuration of max. 5 additional plugins

  • ✔ Marketplace connection to Amazon&Ebay

  • ✔ 2 hour support&introduction

  • ✔ 10% discount on additional work

WooCommerce Shop Plus
€ 1499
  • ✔ 1 Theme in your colors with your logo

  • ✔ payment in advance

    ✔ Paypal

    ✔ AmazonPay

    ✔ Creditcard

    ✔ Klarna

  • ✔ 5 Shipping methods

  • ✔ Small adjustments like CSS and social media icons

  • ✔configuration of max. 10 additional plugins

  • ✔ Marketplace connection to Amazon&Ebay

  • ✔ 4 hour support&introduction

  • ✔ 15% discount on additional work









Our Business Idea is the reason for your success

Different companies offer onlineshop-solutions which are not that flexible as the onlineshop-owner needs. Many of them are hosted on a  platform where you don´t get any chance for FTP or individual changes. The main reason that changes / feature-requests are not possible is, that all online stores are hosted on one platform and not everybody needs the requested features/changes.
So we decided to offer an onlineshop-solution which is very flexible and completely pre-configured, which means payment & shipping, several important plugins are also included as well as online-tutorials. You can choose on our special agency collection of themes, and this will be customized/colorized to your CI / logo.

You also receive an APP for Android & IOSwhich can easily be updated and is able to send push-messages. Most of the shopping-app solutions cost monthly fees of 400 Euro and more, or the individual development costs more then a few thousand euros.  With our app the costs are so small, that every shop-owner can afford it. We will finalize your shop in 6 business days, after having received all needed data.Creating Woocommerce Apps for the future is possible now for everybody in the world, Our solution is based on WordPress/ WooCommerce and can be customized at any time you like

You only to have to put in your products and can start selling shortly.

WooCommerce Store is one of the famous store platforms in the world , more than 30% of the online stores are based on WooCommerce. WooCommerce is very flexible store solution as there exists thousands of plugins and themes. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, the famous CMS-solution. Google loves websites and online store using this technology and this helps to get better rankings

WooCommerce Hosting is needed for all WooCommerce stores. Our plan SHOP Hosting BASIC includes 25 GB SSD webspace, is running on 2 vCPU and has 2 GB RAM and includes WooCommerce Maintenance. If capacity and performance should be too slow, it can be upgraded at any time.
In all of our plans you get eMail & chat support & tutorials. Further you will receive an APP which is valid for Android and IOS. The fee for registration at Google and Apple has to be paid separately.

WooCommerce Maintenance means that we do all technical support for you, which means e.g. we do daily backups, we do weekly updates of WooCommerce core, WooCommerce plugins and WooCommerce Theme and we configure your store as secure as possible. Each store includes a SSL certificate.

WooCommerce Security: We secure your WooCommerce store against Brute Force attacks, we enforce strong password, 404 detection, file change detection and more. More details on:

WooCommerce Support: if you have any questions, just contact us by email, chat or phone. If your questions include additional work or wishes, you will receive your individual offer.

WooCommerce Update: regularly updates of your WooCommerce store is very important to avoid hacker attacks, thats why all our plans include full update services. In case of hacker attack, we will repair your store for free! all this is included in our WooCommerce Maintenance package which is included in all plans.

WooCommerce Backup: daily backups are included in all our plans, if you should need backups every few hours, please contact us and we will adjust your plan for a small fee.

WooCommerce Theme: there exist thousands of great WooCommerce Themes (Design) in the world e.g. WooVina, Templatemonster, Themeforest and others, depending on your needs we help you to choose the right design.

WooCommerce Plugins: on our website you see the most recommended plugins, but we will only install the needed plugins to make sure that your store performance is still great.

WooCommerce Payment & Shipping: Payment via banktransfer, Paypal and AmazonPay is preinstalled as well as standard-shipping via Shipcloud. If you should prefer additional payment and shipping methods, just inform us and you will get your individual offer.

WooCommerce GDPR /DSGVO: All our WooCommerce store included GDPR/DSGVO features with standard documents, which can be configured by you. Most of customers ask a lawyer for their individual needs and deliver the needed documents which we will include.

WooCommerce Multilingual: All our WooCommerce store include the Multilingual plugin from WEGLOT which offers you the possibility to offer your products and services in different languages.

WooCommerce free transfer: If you should have WooCommerce hosted elsewhere and want to change, then just ask for our free transfer!

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